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For Readers

Discover new authors while keeping stride with all your favorites.


More than just a collection of authors, The Colony allows you to mingle and interact with your favorite authors like an insider--because you will be.

Book Clubs

Start your own book club or join one that already perfectly suits your interests. In The Colony, authors frequently stop for a chat when you're reading their books.

Dynamic Library

Flag authors and genres you love and get automatically notified when new releases become available. Enjoy exclusive pre-release offers and win signed copies.


Post comments about an author's book or blog, begin or join a conversation with other Colony Readers where the Authors frequent the conversation.

Get Social

Connect your social media accounts with other Colony Members and Colony Authors. Easily share and comment on your new favorites and your long-time treasures.

Smart Reading

The more you interact in The Colony, the smarter your account gets. Turn on your notifications and get daily suggestions for new authors, their books and blogs.